Onze leverancier

Thee leverancier Tea4LifeTijdens onze studiereis naar Sri Lanka in november 2016 hebben wij een nieuwe leverancier gevonden. Samen met zijn vrouw en moeder heeft hij een klein bedrijfje opgezet in het bewerken van Katupila. Zij worden ondersteund door een aantal personeelsleden die de producten bewerken en verpakken. Naast de Katupila thee worden ook ander soorten thee op kleine schaal bewerkt.

Zijn kennis van het product en de werking daarvan heeft hij opgedaan tijdens een Ayurvedische opleiding. In onze gesprekken met wetenschappers van de Universiteit van Colombo zijn zijn beweringen bevestigd. Mede daarom hebben wij een goed gevoel bij deze leverancier.

Hij levert 100% Katupila en vermengt zijn product niet met andere kruiden. Het vermalen van de struik en het verwijderen van ongerechtigheden geschiedt op een zeer secure wijze. Ook de verpakking is van goede kwaliteit. Het eindproduct is zeer fijn gemalen, wellicht wat stoffig, maar voor het onttrekken van de werkzame stof  bij het koken werkt dit effectiever.

De website van onze leverancier laat de volgende tekst zien:

KATUPILA (Flueggea leucopyrus – wild) has been confirmed scientifically as a possible cure for all forms of Cancer.

Treatment for:

All Cancer Malignant growths in the body.
Coughs Reduces the spread of infections due to heavy coughing when suffering from a bad cold.
Liver, Spleen, Kidney Obstructions Blockages of vital organs of the body, also the throat.
Biliousness Arising from derangement of the bile.
Fibroid Degeneration or development of fibrous tissue in organs of the body.
Dyspeptic Indigestion, Difficulty in digesting Food.
Anorexia Loss of appetite which can lead to serious loss of weight.

And also:

Diuretic Stimulate kidneys to increase the flow of urine
Blood Purifier Removing harmful substances in the blood.
Anthelmintic Combat disease caused by worms in the blood and bladder.
Purgative Purifying the digestive system.


Ingredients:       Wild Flueggea Leucopyrus Roots, Leaves, Bark.

Katupila is a traditional medicine which has been used in Sri Lankan villages for a very long time. The katupila plant is grown in the driest zones of Sri Lanka. Not only is dry katupila used in the preparation of or tea, but the fresh leaves are also combined in a salad together with grated coconut.

Why is Katupila Important

Over the last two or three decades we have all been searching for the secrets of a healthy life style. My own findings lead me to believe in fresh non-manipulated foods, cures for non-infectious diseases, minimize environmental and air pollution, and not to ignore good old fashioned habits.

How can we avoid these problems, and minimize the afflictions? Herbs are a gift from the nature. Ancient people in Sri Lanka used to drink herbal tea before being introduced to ordinary tea and coffee. So, they were very strong and healthy people, but who are now suffering worsening conditions of infection such as cancer.

It has now become a matter of life and death. Traditional Sri Lankan villages use katupila regularly. Katupila is a one of the best cures for cancer.

A Word

Whilst researching Katupila + Cancer I discovered a connection which is not altogether obvious.  There are many reasons for Cancer. The state of our body is also controlled by our brain. The Brain is like a control unit, it can retain data and can visibly influence your mind.

If a person is in a state of depression, anger or unhappiness, there is a possibility that this can lead to some forms of cancer. For this very reason, it is judicious to avoid these thoughts. Turning to peace, love and healthiness will stimulate good health. A strong-minded person will not suffer sickness easily  (sickness through a bacterial infection excluded). What I would like to emphasize is that mind control is a very effective parallel to traditional herbal medicine “Aroggaya Parama Laba” (Health is Wealth).

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